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So, having made the decision to have your Will written we believe that fully informed, you will at least like the opportunity to consider all elements of ensuring that the only beneficiaries of your legacy are your loved ones.

An effective estate plan minimises the prospect of alternative people and institutions removing money from your estate prior to your death or even after your death.

After all, you have worked incredibly hard to be able to leave your loved ones your hard-earned money, why not protect it and make certain that no one else benefits.

You will need to prepare a list of assets and liabilities; this will include details about certain asset types and any liabilities and mortgages you may have. These may include the following;

  • Your Main Residence
  • Bank Accounts
  • Life Assurance Policies
  • Business Assets
  • Other UK Property
  • ISAs and Investment Bonds
  • Pension Policies
  • Vehicles
  • Items of Significant Value
  • Assets you are likely to inherit
  • Foreign Property
  • Unit Trust & Shares

We will also need to know details of certain people who will be involved in your planning.

The dates of birth and addresses of these people will need to be recorded:

  • Any children or adults that are dependent on you
  • Those you want to inherit your assets
  • Anyone you think may challenge your wishes
  • Those you want to ensure your wishes are respected
  • Anyone you have made significant gifts to recently

There may be some questions that questions that you may need to ask yourself;

  • When should your beneficiaries inherit from you?
  • What if your loved ones are not ready to receive their inheritance?
  • Would you want your estate to be inherited by a nonfamily member?
  • What if you or your spouse remarries after becoming widowed?
  • What if the beneficiary were to become divorced?
  • How would the premature death of a loved one affect things?

To get the right advice and the very best planning in place you will want to be working with the best people you can gather around you.

By working with us here at Certainty, you will have regular access to a variety of specialists within the Estate Planning and Will Writing Industry.

Certainty Estate Planning are members of the Institute of Professional Will Writers (IPW) and as such follow a code of practice that is approved by the Trading Standards Authority.

We are fully trained and tested to ensure that we are competent in all areas that we advise on.

On average, we produce over 1,000 Wills and Estate Plans per year, so you can be confident and assured in knowing that we will ensure that you receive exactly what you need to make your Estate Plan effective.

If you have any other questions, please contact us

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