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A Will is one of the most important documents you will write in your lifetime. Now that you have taken the important step of writing your Will, you need to ensure your executors can locate it.

What are the risks of storing my Will at home?

Storing your Will safely and securely has never been so important. If you have not sorted out Will storage and decide to keep your Will at home, several risks are involved with such practice. 

  • It may be misplaced, or it may become lost during a house move 
  • Chances are it won’t be insured
  • It won’t be easily accessible to family members
  • It is at risk from burglary, fire or flooding

For your peace of mind, store your Will with Certainty Estate Planning.

Why does your Will need to be kept safe?

The original Will is your only Will and must be kept safely. Therefore, once you have written your Will, it is crucial to ensure your last Will is sensibly stored in a safe, dry and secure place.

  • If you pass away and your Last Will and Testament cannot be found, unfortunately, it means that there is no Will present and would be classed as dying intestate. This means the courts would make the final decision on how to share your assets and property and who will get the shares. Often these decisions cause unnecessary distress to your loved ones, and situations like this could be prevented if only you had stored your Will securely.
  • If your Will is damaged in any way, then the courts could declare the Will as invalid. Therefore, you must keep your Will in a safe place; however, that place must be easily accessible when the document is needed. This is why Will storage is so essential. 
  • You should always notify the person’s/person who are named executors in your Will about its whereabouts and that it is retrievable should they need to access it once you have died.

What are the benefits of storing my Will with Certainty Estate Planning?

Once registered with Certainty Will storage:

  • Certified copies of your Wills are on file and delivered to you.
  • Original Wills and Letters of Wishes are stored in a secure location.
  • All documents are insured for loss, damage or loss in transit.
  • Wills are registered on the National Will Registry.
  • Updates to Wills on a like basis are free of charge (changes to executors/trustees, beneficiaries, addresses); total re-writes or additional advice or trusts will be charged for as usual, less the cost of the original document.
  • 10% off further services from us, for example, Lasting Powers of Attorney or Life Time Trusts.
  • We provide certificates of safe custody and certificates of National Will Registry registration.

Having Will storage at Certainty Estate Planning will make the process of gaining access to your Last Will and Testament for your executors much more manageable and the process simple and robust. 

Is there a charge for storing my Will with Certainty Estate Planning?

There is a small fee. Here at Certainty, we can offer our Will storage facility to you on an annual fee basis, as little as £20 pp.

You don’t need to have written your Will with us to have storage, so if this is something you need, please contact us today, and we will be more than happy to discuss the best plan for you to proceed.

Unlocking My Estate E-book

Certainty Estate Planning is also offering a secure, state of the art e-book “Unlocking my Estate”. It is given complimentarily to our clients who have written or reviewed their Will with us.

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